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Cable Internet

Complete data and voice solutions on cable networks

In these days the cable providers are forced to increase the speed of the data services continuously and start IP based telephone and video services.

In case of building new networks, the service providers are mostly decided to build an optical FTTH network. But in case of the available HFC networks, the development of the DOCSIS based infrastructure is the most economical solution.

In case of the DOCSIS based solutions it needs to use bigger capacity and more complexity devices. In case of the CMTS products it is particularly important the reliability, the redundancy and the modular design of the devices, in order to the future expandibility.

The elements of the complete solution offered by the Multimedia Networks Kft. are high quality and totally fit with the referred requirements. Our suppliers are the leading players of the international market with major reference.

The elements of the solution:

The Multimedia Networks Kft. has professional experience and major references in area of the cable modems and cable modem controllers. We work in this area since 2003 and we got professional experiences about more companies products. Among of the Cisco Hungary partners, we are such the only company, who is specialized on this area and who can provide the appropriate professional background for the customers. If necessary, we can install and support on many level the devices what are sold by us.

We made a test lab on our site, where you can find all of the distributed CMTS and cable modem type and where we can test and reproduce all of the problems what occurs at the customers and with this we speed up the support.