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Our Partners

In the company's business policy quality and reliability are key issues. Our suppliers are significant actors in the European and US markets with a remarkable track record and references.


We are selling Cisco’s CMTS and networking products. Cisco is a market leader in selling networking and cable TV data transfer products. They have an incomparable range of CMTS products. There are DOCSIS 3.0 CMTS solutions for any size of network.


We offer ILSINTECH optical fusion splicers and cleavers. The ILSINTECH South-Korean company was founded in 1982 and they are one of the market leading supplier of the precision optical fiber solutions.

Pacific Broadband Networks

Pacific Broadband Networks is an Australian company which is producing a wide range of active optical devices. These are 1310nm and 1550nm optical solutions, FTTH solutions, full network management. The PBN devices are excellent in technical details and according to our experience they are very reliable also.


PPC has more than 65 years of experience in producing connectors, they are market leaders in their field of activity. PPC has factories in Denmark and in the U.S.A. Their connectors represent the highest quality standards. We have a big number of references in TPP540QR three-piece connectors. PPC is also producing different type of filters. Last year we sold 200.000 pieces of PPC’s SHP3-86 type high path filters.


The Ripley company offers excellent quality tools more than 30 years. Tools which are necessary to build coaxial, optical or any telecommunications networks can be found in their offer.


From the products of Company Thomson we are selling DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS cable modems and telephone modems. We have a great number of references. We can give SIP, PacketCable or EuroPacketcable firmwares together with the telephone modems. Special parameter of Thomson modems that the EuroDOCSIS modems can be used on DOCSIS network without firmware upgrade. Thomson is about to come out with an entire range of modems produced according to the DOCSIS 3.0 standard.


BV Twentsche Kabelfabriek (TKF) was founded in 1930 and has grown from a local Dutch cable manufacturer to an international leader in cable technology. We can ship a wide range of optical cables in a very short time.

Tratec / Technetix

Tratec is a Dutch company with 30 years of experience in development of broadband cable television equipment. Their indoor passive equipments, isolators are representing the highest quality on the market. Building their brand new Ingress Safe technology into outdoor passive equipments, the level of ingress noise can be dramatically decreased.


Trilithic is producing portable test and measurement equipments, located in the U.S. and has more than 25 years of experience on this field. 860DSP is a portable, shock-resistant spectrum analyzer which can be used perfectly for universal cable TV measurements. It has different options to choose and with those options it can be used for digital measurements, cable modem measurements and together with 9581SST for return path balancing and ingress identification. With using Workbench software data can be transferred to a PC, where one can store and print measurement reports. 9581SST upgraded with software options can be used as a high speed return path monitoring system as well.